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About Legacy Aviation Flight Training
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The mission of Legacy Aviation Flight Training is to help aspiring and seasoned pilots alike attain their personal aviation goals. I provide seamless transitions from our private pilot training program to advanced ratings and certificates.  

• I provide highly experienced flight and ground instruction in a personalized manner     an in a relaxed environment.  I adapt to  meet the needs of each pilot. 
• I provide a supportive learning environment, modern resources and use well maintained aircraft.

Want to “discover” if learning to fly is right for you? Try my introductory “Discovery Flight” as your first flight lesson especially designed and priced to give you the opportunity to learn whether flying is for you. I provide the ideal opportunity to see what flying is all about! You will be flying with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) so the flight may be logged toward your future pilot’s license should learning to fly be right for you.
The “Discovery Flight will take you from pre-flight to takeoff to landing so you will actually experience the fundamentals of flight. Instruction will introduce you many of the flight instruments including the throttle, yoke and rudder pedals and demonstrate how they are used to control the aircraft. With the expert guidance of your instructor you will then be allowed to pilot the .aircraft. You will quickly learn what flying is all about. 
Whether you want to learn to fly for business, pleasure or simply something you have always wanted to do, Legacy Aviation will help you reach your goals. 
To schedule your introductory lesson simply click on the "contact us tab" which is found on most of the website pages. There is no better time to pursue your dreams. You have everything to gain.