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Peter  C. 2014 PPL -Legacy graduate.
Customers say

You are an exceptional flight instructor and mentor. Thank you for having the patience and knowledge in guiding me to the best of my ability. Your phenomenal teaching strategies, constant encouragement and reassurance, and clear cut instruction have been vital to me in achieving my private pilots license. I look forward to working with you again on my instrument rating.
Peter Caravello

Alex G Private pilot April 2015
I have to say that Mark Large of Legacy Aviation is the real deal. I first started flying in 1995 and because of life changing events back then I never finished my Private Pilot License. Almost 20 years later I decided that it was time I finished what I started. I called many flight schools (big and large) and all gave me the same story about being able to assist me in finishing my training.  
However, there was something about Mark that truly rose above the rest. I was afraid of the larger operations and being lost in the crowd. I was also afraid of the smaller operations and not being qualified to assist me. When I spoke to Mark he made me feel comfortable about the process where others did not. I could tell that he wasn’t in it for just the money or to simply build up his flight hours. He was sincere, trustworthy and even more important I truly felt that he would help me attain my license. Let’s not forget after all my inquiries I also realized that Legacy aviation had the best prices.
Well it did not take long and I only flew twice a week. Within only two to three months’ time I was ready for my exam. Today I am glad to say, not only did I pass my written on the 1st try but I passed my Practical on the 1st try also. God is great and Mark was a God send. I would recommend Mark large for all your flight training needs. Thanks Mark it has been a great ride and soon I hope to be training with you for my Instrument rating.
Alex G 
Theresa C 1st Solo 6/2015
2 of my students off to Marathon for lunch Theresa and Noreen
Hey mark! I just want to say Thank you for being so patient with me. You are an amazing instructor and I can't imagine how stressful it is to do your job... This is the most exhilarating journey I have ever made and I am so blessed to have YOU guiding me thru it. ...Terrol C

Tim P 1st solo 1/9/2016